Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Marhaban yaa ramadan or rosa

Ahlan wa sahlan yaa ramadhan all of my muslim brothers worldwide, facing ramadhan in something special in the soul of muslimin and muslimat as it's the great chance for us to hold our heart near with ALLAH anywhere and anytime, no such condition found in other month except in Ramadhan, they are happy and peace to welcome the most unforgetable moment during in a year, the naturarity of happiness expresses in their preparation before Ramadhan, everybody says Markhaban yaa Ramadhan to others, what a great mement is this ya ALLAH! as it's said in Hadist that whoever the muslim do the feel of glory and peace and glad, it do provide them to enter into Jannah. Amien, yaa Robbal A'lamiin. For you and me Ramadhan is a month of seeking mind and soul to be closed to ALLAH with any ways we can do like Namaz, reading Qur'an, Shadaqoh and other else that it can make us happy and near with ALLAH.

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